About Dr. Sam

Sam Tsang (PhD, University of Sheffield, Biblical Studies), also known affectionately by his peers and students as “Dr. Sam,” is a part-time associate prof at Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary, and full-time truth-seeker, speaker, author and family man.   After two decades of full-time church ministry and academic teaching, Sam has decided to pursue his passion full-time.  After settling in the Seattle area, he devotes his time now to writing and speaking about topics he feels passionate about: biblical discipleship, spirituality, literacy, interpretation, and preaching.  His latest English books, Right Texts, Wrong Meanings and Right Kingdom, Wrong Stories (Wipf and Stock), have come out in the spring and summer of 2013.  When he is not busy working, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports he loves (soccer, weight training, and martial arts). Please feel free to visit him at http://engagescriptures.org/ or contact him at samtsang@engagescriptures.org for consultation, speaking, preaching and coaching needs.  If you wish to follow him on Facebook, please do stop by and “like” the page.  You will receive all the latest publishing and public lecture news as well as his daily updates.  You can also follow his other blog for preachers here.   He’s also on Linkedin, if you prefer to connect that way.  Be blessed.

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