I’m now blogging on the chapter 6 of my book.

Every Christmas, I hear at least one sermon on the humble baby Jesus and see endless sharing about the humble baby Jesus in Luke 2.1-20.  Sorry. A baby can’t be humble because he’s a … baby!  Ever seen a newborn as a humble role model?  Nonsense!

The text has said nothing about the baby Jesus being humble but has said plenty about him being a little baby, but more importantly, what theme dominates the text? Which characters take up most of the text?

Here’s a little hint, the characters that take up most of the text aren’t even the holy family.  I think we need to be careful when reading a narrative to get the message of the narrative.  Sometimes, the best way is to look for the obvious.  Which characters dominate the text and what role did they play in the event?  These are the clues we can follow.

As I always say, the texts are not at fault.  The interpreter is!