Excellent discussion summarizing Larry Hurtado’s innovative work on Jesus veneration. His work has influenced the way I look at how the Pauline tradition has derived its Christology.

Larry Hurtado's Blog

Over the years I’ve been pleased to see that historical questions about the emergence and nature of “Jesus-devotion” have continued to be prominent in scholarly studies of Christian origins.  My own involvement began in earnest in the late 1970s and has continued across some thirty-five years now.  A number of PhD theses and monographs, as well as articles in journals and multi-author volumes have also addressed these matters in this period (and, I suspect, this will continue).  In a number of these, my own work has been engaged, sometimes as the centre of attention, and a few times the object of particular critique.  It’s obviously gratifying to have one’s work treated seriously by others, whether they agree or disagree.  But in some cases, it’s also frustrating, particularly when one’s views seem to be either inadequately understood or (worse still) misrepresented (I must presume inadvertently).  So, in what follows, I offer…

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