This book has come out in the summer, but I’ve waited to announce its publication because all the youtube clips done in Hong Kong All Saints Cathedral have not come out yet.  The free lecture below will help you extend your understanding of how this book address contemporary problems in Chinese churches, especially relating to their worship of numerical growth and secular success.  Of course, I’m not saying that numerical growth is bad. I’m just suggesting that there’s something in 1 Tim and Titus that rank above our pragmatic worldview.  In the lecture, I’ll talk about the subversiveness of 1 Tim and Titus in the imperial context and the difficulty Timothy had to face when he redressed sicknesses in the church.  For my English readers, I apologize that only Cantonese speakers can understand the lectures.  If you wish for me to address your church on this issue, feel free to contact me through my personal website or Facebook.  Enjoy.







One last thing … Here’s my friend’s blog if you read Chinese.  He’s the president of Singapore Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is already well-known in Hong Kong and many parts of Asia.