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I’m now blogging about chapter twenty of my book.  Wherever I go, there’s always someone who asks this question, “Do you think prophets still exist today?”  Usually I inquire as to what they mean by prophets.  In a biblical sense, prophets do not only foretell like some kind of fortuneteller, but they primarily tell forth God’s message.  The futuristic stuff occupies less than we think.  Still, do they still exist today?

People often point to Eph. 2.20 as the evidence that prophets exist today.  On the surface, Eph. 2.20 might just be enough to give as biblical evidence.  First, we need to ask what kind of prophets these are in Eph. 2.20.  Before you jump up and down, raise your hand and shout, “OT prophets,” you should look closely at Eph. 4.11 where the prophets were clearly the NT prophets. So far so good, but do they still exist today though?

The answer depends on whether you understand metaphor the author of Eph. 2.20 used.  The author used a building metaphor and the prophets were symbolized by the foundation that also included apostles.  The church then grew on top of it towards a goal.  Now, you tell me which makes more sense of the metaphor? A) the prophets still exist today B) the prophets no longer exist today.

As I always say, the texts are not at fault.  The interpreter is!