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I’m going to blog about chapter 26 of my book. Rev. 3.20 is the bedrock of many gospel tracts. People usually start by saying that God has a purpose for you and ends with the punch line of Revelation 3.20. They would tell the unbeliever that Jesus was knocking on the door and that all they had to do was to open up the door to let Jesus in.


The spiritual meaning of this verse is obviously analogizing the person’s heart as the door and Jesus can somehow “come into your heart” through that door. Besides a questionable description of how a person comes to faith, this usage of Rev. 3.20 is just plain wrong.


When reading the text, the most basic question to ask is, “To whom was this material written?” The incorrect answer is always “To me.” The answer should be obvious, but when the author says “anyone” whom did he mean? Believer or unbeliever? The answer to such a set of questions would seem obvious, but with the wrong traditional interpretation, the right answer is never obvious.


As I always say, the texts are not at fault. The interpreter is!