This blog is very simple.  It is not profound but it should address something that I often experience, and I’m sure you do also.  Have you ever said to someone on Facebook or in passing, “I’ll pray for you” only to find out at the end that you’ve forgotten or completely ignored that promise?  I’ve done so often, and to my shame, I find my busyness of ministry and work overwhelm my prayer life.  As cliche as it sounds, we can never pray enough.  How do we at least solve this problem of failure to intercede for serious matters such as the changing situation in Egypt or a close friend’s family suffering from cancer?

Let me make a very small suggestion that has worked for me when I was still teaching full-time with a four-course semester load at Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary.  I used to tack a sheet on my office bulletin board or somewhere near my electronic devices that records roughly some of the most urgent prayer requests.  It was not a fancy sheet.  It was there to give me a quick surface to write down prayer requests.  When I work on my book on the computer, I always look straight up at that board. I would then remember my friends and all the needs around the world with a little prayer.  This happens throughout the day.  If you check your Facebook on the subway, try to record the stuff right on your electronic device.  Every time before you open up to check updates, check the list first.  I think this style of intercession keeps important request within sight to help us remember our friends’ needs.

I think there is hardly anything more satisfying for Christians when someone ask them about their needs later after they express the need for prayer.  “I’ll pray for you” can go so much further when we keep those request at the forefront even when we’re busy.  With our new lifestyle and electronic age, perhaps we can do prayer differently without sacrificing the quality of prayer.  There are many ways to prayer.  The above is just one way.  Some of you may want to add to this list by commenting, but I’ve found this way to be helpful in my own spiritual growth.  Thanks for reading.